It then followed from that that she helped them get to the Dutch border because Holland was neutral, then to freedom.»She didn’t really set out to become a resistance worker, it was just she wouldn’t turn away anyone who came in need to her door and that was how it began.»Great riskFrom those first two men fortunate enough to stumble across her door, Cavell went on the assist numerous troops back across the border.»It’s hard to know the exact numbers but the estimates are that she probably aided about up to 1,500 soldiers to get freedom,» said Diana.By harbouring the soldiers and smuggling them to safety, Cavell was placing her own life at great risk something which eventually led to her capture and death.»The whole place was thick with secret police and they rounded up this whole network. She learned that the men outside who were ostensibly mending the road weren’t in fact doing that, they were spying on her,» said Diana.»The network was rounded up and then there was a sort of kangaroo court and a mock trial, a travesty of a trial, in which 35 of them were tried in two days and indicted.»It was a foregone conclusion that they would be found guilty.»Diana’s belief that Cavell was acting altruistically is borne out by the dangers of the role she was playing.»I think she knew she ran the risks.»I think the trouble was after she died it was used for propaganda purposes to get more soldiers to recruit and go to that awful war. Ten million fighting men were killed in that war.»When she was given communion before she died, the priest said: ‘We’ll remember you as a heroine and a martyr.'»And she said: ‘Don’t think of me like that, think of me as a nurse who tried to do her duty.'»I think the real way to remember her is as a true public servant.»There are still monuments, hospitals and roads named after Edith Cavell there is statue near Trafalgar Square in London and there were calls at the time for a state funeral with her remains being laid to rest in Westminster Abbey..

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