Сборная из музыкантов лейбла Drumetrics. «Collective-001 can be categorized as a «Dark Action Soundtrack» inspired by the sounds of the 1960’s. From heavy electronic robotic drum massacre to heavy fuzz eastern psych to cinematic downtempo.  This EP provides heavy compact compositions with the emphasis of vintage drums as the main ingredient.»

       The Drumetrics Collective:

  • MRR— Michael Raymond Russell
  • MSK— Marcus Seiji Knaus
  • RSI—   Richard Santino Isabella
  • CDL—  Coz Douglas Littler (Mr. Chop)
  • NCP— Natalie Clarice Peckham
  • DRB— Danny Ray Barragan
  • ADB— Andrew David Barragan
  • DJR—  David John Rico
  • DCB— David Chico Barragan